5 Used Motorcycles That New Riders Should Never Buy


5. 2002-2003 Honda CBR954RR

As the precursor to the Honda CBR1000RR, the CBR954RR was a serious performer in its own right and is a serious bargain on the used market. With little in the way of driver aids, though, inexperienced riders could easily end up in over their heads. Plenty of low-end power and a short wheelbase mean it’s easy to unintentionally lift the front wheel off the ground, and without anti-lock brakes, it’s easy to lock up the front wheel during a panic stop.

New riders need to be able to learn on their first bikes, and as unforgiving as the CBR954RR is, it’s best to stay away until you have a little more experience. It might not necessarily be impossible to handle, but there are many more approachable bikes with a few more rider aids that will make the learning process go much more smoothly.

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20 Responses

  1. Paul bennett says:

    What s load of cobblers. The 954 and 929 have lovely manners and nice smooth low end power. Very easy to ride and does not require screaming to make progress like many modern high revving sports bikes.

    • me says:

      The 929 were scrap

    • Nathaniel Cappelletto says:

      Very fun & easy to ride but the only problem and I can say this cause I wrote mine off is the lack off a steering dampener. I’ll buy another 929rr one day cause I loved every second on it.

    • John Rigby says:

      They are talking about bikers with little or no experience, I have a 929 and I love it it wheelies for fun it’s light and agile, the reason I like it is that it’s hasn’t got all the riders aids it does exactly as you want, buy a 929/954 they are loads of fun.

    • me says:

      paul, youre a tit, this is aimed at new riders. duuuuuh

  2. Strider Lacosse says:

    There is no mention of the Yamaha v-max. Insane choice as a first bike as well.

  3. Dan says:

    Who writes this dribble, bikes other than maybe a BMW with basic ABS had any rider aids in that era?

  4. Slick Rick says:

    What a load of bull I ride an 02 954 and after having a Blackbird this bike handles better than all the others I have had yes I have been riding 35 years but my rule is simple if you can pick it up yourself then you can ride it

  5. Terry mcdade says:

    My 1st bike since getting a full licence was a zzr 1100 which was in excess of 180mph and quick getting there but no comments I now ride a cbr1100 both bikes quick
    Both as fast with plenty of low down torque as any.of these so called top 5 bikes
    Who wastes there times putting these cereal adverts together poor reason to get you on Facebook
    Why don’t you put together a new top 5 list of idiot driven cars likely to kill bike riders

  6. Richard Stiles says:

    What a rubbish article. All bikes demand a level of respect. Most have high power to weight ratios due to their light weight.
    It’s like saying new drivers shouldn’t buy Ferrari’s as a first car.

  7. Scott says:

    The image of the ZX10R is a 2011 model, the 4th gen, not a 1st gen 2004-05

  8. Arshadh says:

    My first Superbike is the 954 and i feel handles so well that for a beginner to a litre class feels safe. The power never surprised you and it’s linear. Yes, the lack of ABS really is a drawback but then as a machine it’s fantastic.

  9. Chris says:

    Jup this one rugged me up bad, wish I’ve had red this before. Extreme power with no extra controls. Watch out with this one people

  10. Chris says:

    Jup this one fireblade rugged me up bad, wish I’ve had red this before. Extreme power with no extra controls. Watch out with this one people

  11. Marty says:

    This article should of read…5 bikes beginners should avoid.

  12. Gear says:

    Sounds just what I used to look for when buying a new bike. I’m older now and just ride Harley’s, of course they still bring the front end up and drag a little frame once I a while!

  13. Chuck Norris says:

    They should rename this article by including “if you’re a squid with no skills”.

  14. Dean says:

    The dealership crash was a 2007/2008 K7/K8

  15. Gary brookes says:

    New modern bikes are getting faster & lighter than its predecessor .any effort to halt casualties has to be a step in the right direction

  16. John says:

    Yes, very smooth bike, but still too much punch for a new (especially if young and inexperienced) rider.

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