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Tillerson waits on Turkey embassy brawl; McCain says ‘look at the clip’

Top Washington Republicans expressed more dismay Sunday about a recent clash outside a Turkish Embassy between non-violent protestors and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan security team but disagreed about the next step.


Pence sticks with faith and family, as Notre Dame grads walk out on his commencement speech

Vice President Mike Pence forged ahead Sunday with his University of Norte Dame commencement speech as some in attendance walked out, encouraging the graduates to keep their religious faith, value the freedom of speech...

Lab Report: Can Government Keep Up With Technology? 0

Lab Report: Can Government Keep Up With Technology?

Is Google our new government?: Corporate giants like Google are vastly outpacing the government in their advances in transformational artificial intelligence tech—and so they get the power over how this all plays out. The...